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Jason Douglas Lewis - Athlete's Corner

Jason Douglas Lewis- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Athlete's Corner

Beach Training

Fairfax wide receiver Jason Lewis Jr. is a California kid, so training at the beach is a must.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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Climb Your Way to Greater Strength

Most people are not crazy enough to climb up the side of a mountain, but in a rock climbing gym, people can get the same benefits as outdoor rock climbing. Photo by Jason Lewis

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Advanced Calisthenics are Pushing Athletes to the Extreme

Anthony Cephas was a star wide receiver and track athlete at Fairfax High School, which led him to weight training.  But he ditched the heavy lifting in favor of intense forms of push ups and pull ups.  This new training regime has him flying high, and as big and strong as ever.

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Train Like a Champion!

Boxing training incorporates all aspects of fitness, from strength, speed, to endurance, while creating well toned physiques. And you do not have to get hit in the face to benefit from this type of workout program…unless you want to.  Photos by Jason Lewis

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Staying Healthy with Courtney Watson

Athletic trainer Courtney Watson treats a Westchester basketball player's ankle at halftime at a recent game.  She is also the Head Athletic Trainer with the Los Angeles Sparks.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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Marcia Lynn: The Adventurous Globetrotter

Lynn likes to get out for her fitness activities. That would be way out, like to the far corners of the world. Kayaking in the Arctics, backpacking in Rwanda, and tango dancing in Rio de Janeiro is the norm for her.


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Medicine Ball Training

The medicine ball can be used to build upper and lower body explosive power, it is inexpensive, can be transported anywhere, and many professional athletes use it.  It is also used by many people who just want to get in shape. Photo by Jason Lewis

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Improving explosive power with the Vertimax at Velocity Sports

Velocity Sports Head Performance Coach/Trainer Dean Laing works with a high school athlete on the Vertimax to improve his speed, quickness, and jumping ability.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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What kind of junk is in your trunk?

“Oh, my, god. Becky, look in her trunk.”

Many people have all kind of exercise equipment in the trunk of their car.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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Learn Parquor...the Safe Way

Darryl Stingley grew up playing soccer and performing martial arts, but when he saw the Jump London video, he was hooked and he set out to learn how to maneuver his body over and above various obstacles.  He is now a professional parkour athlete and instructor.  Photos by Jason Lewis

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The Olympics of CrossFit Commence

Photos by Jason Lewis

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CrossFit: The Movement

CrossFit has become more than just another workout program, it has become a movement. And for one simple reason…
Because it works!

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Athlete’s Corner: You’re here…and they’re not!

Jordin Canada is one of the best high school basketball players in the nation.  One reason is that she works out harder than her opponents.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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Increase training intensity by limiting the rest

Anyone else noticing that the gym is becoming more of a social hour than a workout facility? For the best results it's time to stop chatting and start lifting.

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High vs. Low-Intensity Training: The Debate Continues

Athletes and weekend warriors have benefited greatly from both HIIT and LISS, but which one is better for you?

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Training for bull riding, one of the world's toughest sports

Bull riders are arguably the toughest athletes in sports. To be able to handle a 2,000-pound animal and avoid being hit by it, they have to maintain a sound training regimen.

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The skill of running fast

Sprint trainer Jon Gilmer (right) helps a track athlete with his drive phase out of the starting blocks.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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Cycling: Hit Faster Speeds for Greater Results

Distance training is great for health benefits, but mixing in sprint training can lead to better results and better fitness levels.

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Pole Dancing: The Fitness World’s Latest Craze

Pole dancing has made its way out of the gentlemen's club, as many women are getting in great shape, and even establishing a career competing in the fitness world’s latest craze with an eye on taking the sport to the Olympics.

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Hit New Heights With Cirque Training

The performers from Cirque du Soleil have captivated audiences around the world. Their training is strenuous, which allows them to produce great strength and amazing physiques, and many everyday people have taken up the challenge to learn this art form.

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