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The Drew League showcases the best talent in the world

There are no excuses at the Drew League.  The talent level is so great everybody has to show up and play or get embarrassed.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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The NBA needs to turn up the Heat for ratings

The NBA Finals without the Heat in it would be a ratings disaster.

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Lights may be out at Staples Center as NBA playoffs progress

The Clippers might not get out of the first round, and the Lakers might not make the playoffs.

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Around the Nation: College Basketball

UCLA fires Ben Howland; NCAA tournament surprises.

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Around the NBA-Playoff Races are Heating Up; Bynum

Western Conference teams jockeying for playoff positions; Heat look unstoppable; Lakers dodged a bullet by trading Bynum.

Blake Griffin had the Clippers in a good position at the top of the Western Conference, and the Jazz also had good footing in the playoffs.  But both teams have struggled as of late and dropped in the standings.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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Around the NBA- Kobe Bryant; Clippers continue to battle; Derrick Rose sits

Kobe Bryant has been a one man team; Clippers struggle against the top teams in the West; Derrick Rose is cleared to play, but remains on the bench.

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For Clippers fans this season is fantastic!

Long suffering Clipper fans are finally being repaid for their loyalty.

Right now in Los Angeles it is all about the Clippers, as Blake Griffin and other young players are running their opponents off of the court.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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Jerry Buss (1933-2013): Greatest U.S. Sports Team Owner Ever!

It must have been awesome to be Jerry Buss.  The guy simply won, big time, in every aspect of life. 

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D-Fenders are the best ticket in town

The D-Fenders play at the Toyota Center in El Segundo, on the Lakers practice court.  Guard Courtney Fortson is one of their players who is on the verge of being called up to the NBA.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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Clippers are the City Champs!

Now it’s on to bigger things than the struggling Lakers…which would be the NBA title.

Point guard Chris Paul (right) has been unstoppable for the Clippers, as the Lakers could not find anybody to guard him.  Photo by Jason Lewis

Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant has been unstoppable this season, but it does not matter much when the Lakers play horrible defense.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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Clippers continue to contend

The numbers tell the truth!  The Clippers are the real deal.

With All-Star point guard Chris Paul dishing the ball out, the Clippers have become one of the best teams in the league.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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Lakers trade for No. 17

Blockbuster trade is for much more than All Star center Dwight Howard.  It is for a chance at a 17th championship. 

The Lakers are now on the verge of their 17th title.  Andrew Bynum (17) served his purpose.  He developed into a good enough player to be traded for Dwight Howard (12), who can help the Lakers catch and pass the Celtics in total titles.  Photo by Jason Lewis

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The Curious Case of Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum is dominating on the court, but his attitude on and off of it is puzzling at times. 

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The even more curious case of Metta… World… Peace

Andrew Bynum was last week’s curious case, but he has nothing on Metta World Peace.

World Peace had earned a lot of good will through community service and good behavior on the court, but all it took was one moment to bring it all down, again. 

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David Stern stole Christmas from Los Angeles

Lakers and Clippers offer great deals for Chris Paul, but commissioner surprisingly declines both.

Chris Paul, right, and Kobe Bryant are both unhappy right now because of recent moves in the NBA.  Paul may take legal action. 

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